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Champion dodge downey

Blog. Sep 6. Clash of Titans Info (9/2 – 9/30). Hey Champions, This September is gonna be huge! Topple Titans together with your Faction and win big in the ...

Drazen “Petro” Petrovic – 25 Years Ago….

Let me start by saying that while I accept owned over 1,000 replicas, I accept never owned a Pro-Cut. As a young teenager in the pre-internet days of the early-to-mid 90s, it was pretty abundant impossible to come across Pro-Cuts at the mall or in sporting goods stores. They were a specialty item that didn’t really accept a niche outside of the world of memorabilia (collectors, autographs, etc). Also, the $250 price tag would accept been a bit to aerial for my parents to stomach. And let’s not forget that Pro-Cuts are made to the player’s exact specs, so a 6th grader rocking a Pro-Cut Ewing jersey is going to look like an idiot.

Champions league

... colleges, including Boston University. He developed his first-year Readable Writing course while at the Berklee College of Music, and he blogs on the subject  ...

Champion Pro Cut Jerseys – Overview…

Let’s take a look at some fake Champion Pro-Cut jerseys, in particular several Toronto Raptors Tracy McGrady amateur jerseys. With the popularity of the Raptors skyrocketing over the past few years, capped off by their championship this year, Raptors 1990s Champion jerseys have been in high demand. And with high demand, come higher prices, and higher prices lead to counterfeits. One of the popular fakes on Ebay is the Tracy McGrady Toronto Raptors Amateur jersey. McGrady was called straight out of high academy by the Toronto Raptors with the ninth overall pick in the 1997 NBA draft. So the first thing to note is that during McGrady’s amateur season of 1997-1998, Nike was the exclusive uniform supplier for the Raptors. Champion could alone produce Raptor replica jerseys starting in 1997-1998; they could not produce Raptors Authentic or Pro Cut jerseys. Therefore, any Champion Pro Cut Tracy McGrady jersey is a fake. Below is a game used McGrady amateur jersey from Nike for reference:

Champion clothing

We're passionate about training, presentations, and communication. We share our ideas twice a week on the Train Like a Champion blog. Your learners ...

Champion Pro Cut Jerseys – Examples of Fakes (Tracy McGrady – Toronto Raptors)…

I’ve been thinking a lot about the persistence of people’s acceptance in learning styles lately. Everywhere I go, teachers and coaches talk about the idea as if was established fact back in reality it is an idea without scientific basis. Recently, I started asking myself Why is the myth so persistent back a little bit of…

Championship league

A visual archive documenting every Champion replica NBA jersey from 1991 through 2002.

Champion Pro Cut Jerseys – Avoiding Fakes

I spent much of the weekend re-reading Robert Pondiscio’s fantastic book. How the Other Half Learns, his tale of a year inside the eminently successful Success Academy charter network. Yes, I have thoughts on the larger lessons and implications of the book. At some point I may share them though I’m still thinking it through. For…

Champion hoodie

NBA 50th Anniversary 1996-1997 – NBA at 50 Champion Jerseys (Part 1)

My main focus and expertise is Champion replica jerseys because of the nostalgia associated with them. But I get a lot of questions about Pro-Cut jerseys, particularly in regards to authenticity. So I wanted to dedicate a series of posts with information I’ve collected over the years about Champion Pro-Cuts, and I’m hoping the many people that read this site will also provide info in the comments below. That way we can all be more abreast collectors.

Champion radiators

Champion Pro Cut Michael Jordan 50th Anniversary Commemorative Rookie Jersey – Holy Grail

The jersey should be to the exact measurements and specifications of the player for the accurate season that it was produced. I always use Michael Jordan as an example since his jersey size is the best well known. A Pro-Cut Michael Jordan Bulls jersey from the 1990s should be sized at 46 with body length 3.

Champion generators

Pau Gasol & Memphis Grizzlies Champion Jerseys…

Again, let me preface this column by saying that I do not collect Champion Pro-Cut jerseys. Counterfeiting is way too aggressive since the price-points are so high. As mentioned in my previous post, there are two types of fakes/counterfeits, blatant and subtle. Blatant counterfeits would be knock-offs made overseas (China) where not a single thread on the jersey is Champion. Subtle counterfeits would be taking a legit blank Champion team-issued jersey and applying a player’s tackle-twill name/number on it by an unlicensed third party. The following will help you start deciphering between real and fake Pro-Cuts.

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